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Best Acne Treatment in Bangalore

Acne, pimples, or zits are common skin diseases, usually seen in teens and among adults. It is characterized by pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, and red skin, pinheads, and scarring. The other factors resulting in acne include hormonal imbalance, genetic, dietary, psychological reasons, pollution, stress, etc. It is a very traumatic condition, but hopes are never ending as the treatment, methods, and procedures for acne reach to advance level in medical science. They need to have a flawless and the best acne treatment, perform by highly expertise skin or dermatology specialist to achieve desired results.

Immediate consultation with the skin specialist can avoid lasting scars on the skin.

What causes Acne?

There are several factors can result to acne. One important and common factor is due to oily skin. The skin has tiny holes called as pores. Each pore has an opening to the follicle glands. These follicle glands are made of hair and sebum (oil) glands. This oil gland produces sebum (oil), which reaches up to the surface of the skin to keep the skin smooth and soft.

Acne can be caused if the pores become blocked (plugged) with oil, dead skin or bacteria. This result in follicle glands becomes more overactive and produces more sebum (oil). It blocks the follicle glands, dead skin cells accumulate in pores and bacteria P. Acnes may infect blocked sebum. The blocked and infected sebum causes pustules (pimples), papules, nodules, and cysts.

Factors that can make Acne worse

  • Hormonal changes in adolescent girls and adult women before the monthly cycle.
  • Oil skin cream products (thick or greasy) can contribute the worsening of acne. However, oil-free skin products are helpful for acne prone skin types.
  • Sweating heavily in a working environment, especially in the kitchen can cause acne. Working in humid conditions also worsens acne as extra sweat contributes blocking or pores.
  • Acne spots may also appear due to wearing of helmets, tight collars, headbands, etc.
  • Some medicines and steroids worsen acne. Do not stop medication prescribed by the doctor, but can ask for an alternative medicine.
  • Stress can also lead to worsening of acne.

The best acne treatment lead by the leading skin care specialist can reduce the worsening of acne and prevents scar with proper guidance.

The best possible treatment for Acne

The main objective of the acne treatment is to clear the existing lesion and to prevent from new lesion formation. There are different types of acne treatment depending on the gravity of the skin disease. Leading Acne specialists at the best skin care center in Bangalore perform different ways of procedures to cure the acne skin diseases.

There are home remedies as well as seeking the doctor's advice. However, it is recommended to seek advice from the doctor to get the best prescription and the right treatment that will help in reducing the symptoms and prevent scarring:

The treatment of acne is aimed to dissolve the follicular plug, reducing the oil production, killing P. Acnes bacteria, and minimizing inflammation. This can be achieved by giving the proper medication, which includes different creams applied to the skin, antibiotic tablets, and tonic to achieve the mentioned goals. Retinoid creams are the mainstay of acne therapy. Oral antibiotics or Isotretinoin is prescribed for severe acne.

Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, and Medicated creams helps in fading of pimples. Microdermabrasion also help in shallow scars and pits, which can soften the appearance of scars. Dermarollers are used for moderately deep scars.

Anti-acne Chemical Peels are also recommended for those who are not keen or suitable for taking medicines. Chemical peeling is a technique for acne treatment used by expertise skin specialists and dermatologists in order to improvise the appearance of the skin and its texture. Chemical peeling may be combined with dermarollers, laser resurfacing, dermabrasion, soft tissue fillers and cosmeceutical preparation. It is a simple procedure with no anesthesia, takes only a few minutes and has a minimal recovery time. It is also a cost-effective acne treatment for skin rejuvenation customized as per the needs of the patient.

At Dr. Sunaina's advanced skin center backed by top facilities and infrastructure has a team of highly specialized doctors, well coordinated and result oriented approach. For instance, before performing acne treatment, the dermatologists seek guidance from the physicians if the patient has any sort of ailments or diseases. In the case of women and if they are pregnant or conceive, then our qualified doctors coordinate with their respective doctors before giving any sort of medication or treatment.

Skin care procedures for Acne

  • Acne cannot be cured with excessive washing your face. Rather washing a face twice a day is normal.
  • Mild soap and lukewarm can be used to wash your face. Do not scrub hard to wash your face and it damages the skin and can irritate.
  • Excessive washing and scrubbing may cause inflammation and makes acne worse.
  • Do not squeeze or prick on acne, as it will cause a great disservice.
  • Antiseptic washes prescribed by your doctors can be beneficial.
  • Do not use oil-rich creams or ointments, as it may clod the holes of the skin pores.
  • Skin is a vital part of the human organ and should be taken care regularly with the best acne treatment.
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