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CO2 Laser for Scars

Laser treatment for Scars removing involves highly sophisticated, excelled in technology and advanced techniques to change the textual of the skin and make your skin glow. CO2 Laser for Scars is one such effective laser treatment of scarring. It involves treating deep wrinkles, blotchiness, acne scars and surgical or traumatic scars.

The CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser for scars is a new technology that treats only the portion of the affected skin, leaving the healthy skin intact while performing the treatment. This will allow your skin to fast healing and it is one of the safest procedures for treating all types of skin problems.

At Dr. Sunaina's Skin Health Advanced Dermatology Center, we provide the best CO2 Laser for Scars in Whitefield.

CO2 Laser Treatment

No doubt, there are various types of cosmetic treatment procedures involving both non-surgical and surgical procedures. You required a highly specialized and qualified expert that helps you to erase marks on your face, pigmentation irregularities, acne scars, damaged skin due to sun exposure, etc. The technique of CO2 has been widely used for many years in treating of different kinds of skin problems including warts, scars due to wound and wrinkles.

CO2 laser for scar treatment includes fine lines, sun damage, dark spots, skin texture irregularities and facial scars.

CO2 Laser for Scars in Marathahalli

At Dr Sunaina's Skin Health Advanced Dermatology Center, we treat all kinds of skin problems. We offer customized options using the most advanced techniques. CO2 Laser for Scars in Marathahalli is one of the best procedures for cosmetic treatment for resurfacing your skin and appearance. This is the type of method that can reduce the healing time and with fractional CO2 laser treatment for scars, it is appropriate for the patients with acne scars.

CO2 Laser for Scars in Varthur

At our specialized skin and health center, we have solutions to all kinds of skin problems using the best invasive and non-invasive methods. All is required is to step into our clinic, the best CO2 laser for scars in Varthur. At our center, you will undergo treatment from highly experienced skin specialists and cosmetic doctors along with a team of dermatologists to enhance end-to-end treatment solutions using the best available therapy that can make your skin resurface for long-lasting effective results.

Recovery Time

With CO2 Laser for Scar, the normal recovery period is typically two weeks. However, in some treatment or laser treatment sessions, the recovery period lasts for a few days. It is important that you need to protect your skin by using prescribed sunscreen lotion and limiting the sun for a few months to get desirable results.

Side Effects

Common side effects of undergoing CO2 laser for scar include redness of the skin, mild swelling in the treated area and moderate irritation. In rare cases, burning or scarring of the skin may occur.

CO2 laser for scar has a wider amount of healing process that rejuvenates your skin using a targeted precision treatment. This type of laser procedure stimulates your body's natural process of collagen renewal in your skin.

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