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Pediatric Dermatologist in Bangalore

Pediatric Dermatology is a specialization in the medical science, which deals with the treatment of the skin condition related to the children, infants, and neonates. The treatment should only attend by the expertise pediatricians. Therefore, the best Pediatric Dermatologist is brought into the picture to know the exact cause of the disease and to perform the further process of treatment.

Pediatric Skin Diseases

Skin disease in children may vary and the complexity of the symptoms and their severity should be diagnosed at the first. The rashes or patches of the skin disease might be temporary or permanent. As most of the skin diseases are common and others might cause some serious issues and even might lead to a life-threatening. Therefore, if any kind of rash or patch is noticeable on the skin of the child, then you may have to consult to the skin specialist without any delay for the right treatment.

Skin diseases are common in children due to sickness and allergies. Some of the skin diseases in children also cause due to the genetic factors. The skin infections largely involve Bacterial skin infections, Fungal infections, Parasitic infestations, stings, and bites and Viral infections. A weakened immune system can also cause a skin disorder.

Causes of Skin Disorders

Certain skin disorders only occur in the pediatric age group. On the other hand, treatment of severe Eczema, Psoriasis or Vitiligo in this age group requires a different approach and greater care in administering long-term medication with the least complications.

A systematic approach by professional dermatologists helps in analyzing the problem caused by looking at the history so that a proper examination has to be conducted to ensure that the best treatment is given to a child for curing skin disease.

 Best Pediatric Dermatologist Center in Bangalore, Whitefield

Every child has to be given the best treatment and the parent of the child are the most concern when it comes to health issues related to the child. By catering their needs of the parent and their child’s treatment, the pediatric dermatologist center should have an adequate facility that can facilitate the process of treatment.

Dr. Sunaina’s Pediatric Dermatologist Center in Whitefield is one of the best pediatric dermatologist centers in Bangalore, which has advanced facilities and specialized features to provide the treatment to cure skin related disease. Moreover, our facility center offers a fun-filled, friendly, non-intimidating and creative space for tiny tot patients. The parents of the kids are very happy and cooperative and they feel relaxed and calm as well.

Dr. Sunaina Hameed – a well-known Dermatologist in her field has a passion and interest in this field.  With her years of expertise and proficiency, she has performed numerous successful treatments and procedures in dermatology.

Consulting a Dermatologist

Parents often think that a pediatrician must attend a child for any skin diseases. However, if they cannot manage the ailment, then a dermatologist is brought into the picture. It is, in fact, the other way around. For all skin rashes must be first diagnosed and treated by a dermatologist. A pediatrician may miss several salient features. Certain skin pediatric ailments may be an indication is systematic (internal) diseases. In such cases, a dermatologist can work along with a pediatrician/surgeon/ endocrinologist/rheumatologist/allergologist to provide complete and thorough treatment.

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