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The Beauty Boutique is a natural culmination of Dr Hameed's long-term interest in customized skin care. There are 16 different skin types, and many of us have additional skin concerns as well, like acne or under eye pigmentation. Men and women have different skin care needs. A baby has his own unique skin care requirements, while a child or a teenager's skin care routine varies as well. Senior citizens have their own age-related skin and hair concerns. An athlete must have a customized skin care routine that fits their lifestyle. So should a frequent traveller. Skin care routine must change during pregnancy and nursing. The post-delivery months and the menopausal years are especially tough on your skin. Almost every Indian face over the age of 25, has some pigmentation and eye-related beauty issues. If you have acne, rosacea, open pores or pigmentation-prone skin, your skin needs extra care. If you are an actress, model, air-hostess or dancer, your beauty goals must aim for the highest standards of perfection as your career may be dependent on it. Your skin care routine must not only address your specific problem areas, but help you to achieve your beauty goals as well. You may also want a simple salon-style skin treatment that can be done at the privacy of your home. Our range of face masks, body masks, body scrubs and home microdermabrasion devices can help you achieve that.

Lasers, facials and chemical peels can never replace the need for correct, daily skin care. Customized skin care involves a thorough examination of your skin by the dermatologist (naked eye examination with or without a skin and hair analysis device). This is followed by detailed history taking on your lifestyle and habits. Finally, the right skin care combination is prescribed for you, which suits your needs and limitations. It is always advisable to invest in high grade, good quality, fragrance-free, paraben free, hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic skin care. However if your time and budget is restricted, we can still tailor a basic skin care routine that is inexpensive and easy to follow.

Hair care is not a simple affair either. There are shampoos and serums designed for thin hair, dry hair, damaged hair, smelly scalp, falling hair, dandruff, scalp psoriasis, chemically treated hair, oily scalp, kinky hair and much more. Hair coloring is also a vast area with the availability of permanent, semi-permanent, demi-permanent and temporary hair color. The Beauty Boutique brings to you the rare and unique Optima NH3-free and PPD-free hair color for those who are allergic to hair dye or are fearful or using traditional hair dyes.

Sometimes, just having bright eyes and pink lips is all you need for the right look. The products in our beauty store, along with the treatments offered by our doctors can help you achieve that. Personal grooming is now considered incomplete without well-cared for hands and feet. And that includes your nails. The Beauty Boutique does not neglect these areas.

We are also looking keenly into the area of hand-made soaps, body butters, scrubs, shampoos and make up. This would be perfect for someone suffering from multiple cosmetic allergies. Or, if you are simply keen to experience the natural goodness of cosmetics made from botanicals and organic ingredients. However, hand-made cosmetics are preservative free and have a limited shelf life. The creators will need anywhere from 3 days to 3 weeks to prepare your formulation, so we request you to bear that in mind. We will shortly be making an announcement on our own unique range of hand-made beauty products. Products can also be custom-made to include your requests (for instance, if you want your face wash to contain apple cider vinegar, and your body butter to contain saffron). If you have had an allergy patch testing and are found to be allergic to musk or jasmine extract, then you can get custom-made fragranced cosmetics which exclude your allergens.

If you have not met our doctors, but would like to avail skin and hair care related advice, then send a mail to drsunaina@skinhealth.com to avail an online (paid) consultation. To order our products online, call 080-41676000 to place your order. Payment can be made through cheque or NEFT (free shipping for orders worth over Rs 1500/-). Delivery can be made anywhere within India, and our manager will advice you on the lead time for the delivery of your products.

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