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Skin.Health provides long distance Tele-dermatology services to remain accessible to patients all across Bangalore and outside the city limits as well. Online consultation is only provided for dermatological and aesthetic conditions. Online consultation will NOT be provided for genital rashes or plastic surgery related ailments. In case of dermatological emergencies (drug rash or fever with rash), kindly rush to your nearest hospital, and do not seek online medical advice.

To avail our Tele-dermatology services, please contact DrSunaina Hameed at info@drsunaina.com. If you prefer to continue your consultation via phone interview and through Whatsapp images, then please mention that in your email.

Please send in the following details

  • Name
  • Age
  • Sex
  • History of your condition
    • What kind of rash?
    • Where is it located?
    • Where did the rash first appear and how did it spread?
    • Is it itchy?
    • Is it painful?
    • What makes the rash or itching worse?
    • Is anyone else at home who is suffering from a similar condition?
    • Do you have any other symptoms - fever, joint pain etc.
  • Medical history - Do you suffer from any medical illness like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis etc.? Any major illness, hospital admissions and/or surgeries in the past.
  • Are you allergic to any foods, medication or cosmetics?
  • Women must mention their gynecological history - Are you pregnant? Are you trying to conceive? Are you breast feeding? Are your periods regular? At what age did you complete menopause (if applicable)?
  • Have you already taken any treatment for this condition (prescribed by your family physician, a dermatologist or self medicated)? If so, please provide the details of the medication used. Did it help, even temporarily? Or was it completely unhelpful?
  • Have you undergone any blood tests or other hospital investigations in the last 6 months (may or may not be related to your skin condition)? If so, please scan and e-mail us the reports.

Please send photographs of your rash/lesion via email.

If you have rashes all over your body, take pictures of various body parts and email it to Dr Hameed, along with above details. This is vital for correct diagnosis and successful management.

Pictures must be taken with a good quality phone camera or Digicam. Take close-up pictures in natural daylight. If you are sending a photograph of your face, wash your face and do not apply any cream, powder or make up before taking the picture. Take pictures of your face from the front, as well as right profile and left profile.

If you are consulting for a cosmetic problem (pimples, facial pigmentation etc.), then please go to header 'The Beauty Boutique', fill out the questionnaire, and mail it to Dr Hameed, along with pictures and above mentioned details.

Good quality photographs, along with detailed and honest medical history will translate into the accurate diagnosis and efficient treatment.

In the preliminary consultation, Dr Hameed will decide if your condition can be treated on a long distance basis. If needed, she will set up a mutually agreeable date and time for a Skype Video consultation.

Several medical and surgical specialities utilize tele-consultation. Dermatology is perhaps the best suited speciality for a tele-consultation, due to the inherently visual nature of this speciality. However, not everyone can be helped on a long distance basis. Certain skin conditions require examination with a hand-lens, in tangential light. Some lesions may need to be touched, felt and scraped for an accurate diagnosis. Certain investigations and treatments cannot be performed online, although the doctor can advice you on such treatment options. If your case comes under this category, the doctor will intimate the same to you. This service is extended to all those who have access to 3G network connection (which has good reach in the suburbs, Tier II cities and the rural sector as well), but do not have access to a good dermatologist in their location. Online consultations can be used to seek a second opinion. It is also an excellent option for follow ups and reviews, after completing an initial in-office medical consultation.

After the preliminary consult, all other correspondence will be paid consultations. The payment details will be provided to your email address. Please bear in mind that you may not be able to claim an insurance reimbursement for an online consultation.

Your treatment file and records will be maintained at the clinic. Online consultations are also bound by the doctor-patient confidentiality clause. All details shared, including contact details, bank details etc., will remain confidential and will not be shared or sold to any third party. Photographs shared will not be published in any magazine, website, textbook, pamphlet or medical journals.

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