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About Skin.Health Advanced Dermatology Center

Skin.Health is located in the heart of Whitefield and is equidistant from Marathahalli, Hope farm & ITPL. This quiet, serene and pristine white structure is the long envisioned dream of Dr Sunaina Hameed. The spectacular 4500 sq.ft boutique clinic has been designed by Dr Hameed herself, with the aim of providing a center of excellence for Dermatology, Plastic Surgery & Cosmetic Dentistry. Our mission is to provide affordable, accessible and high quality dermatology, cosmetology and aesthetic medicine treatments and services in a modern, clean and comforting space. There is special emphasis on keeping our kiddie patients comfortable and engaged in a creative and non-threatening environment. We do not place ourselves in competition with medispas, branded chain-clinics and salons. Our doctors believe in providing treatment and prescriptions. We do not sell 'special rate packages' and 'holiday discounts' to achieve targets. We only invest in devices and equipment that are approved, and have shown proven and predictable results. We provide multiple options to treat the same medical or cosmetic concern - to fit your needs, your budget, your fears and availability of downtime.

Along with providing prescriptions, Dr Hameed believes in training and counselling patients on understanding their ailment, their particular skin type, and how they could contribute towards their own care. Parents and spouses are trained and counselled towards caring for the skin (and the psyche) of their loved ones. Treatments are comprehensive and personalized, following updated and modern philosophies, both for medical & cosmetic concerns. Patients, and their right to information and privacy, are treated with utmost respect and consideration. The Skin.Health Beauty Shop features top-rated and dermatologically tested cosmeceuticals for all skin types. Your skin care will be selected for you by the doctor herself, after a thorough assessment of your skin and hair, your problem areas, and your beauty goals. The Doctor also provides paid online and video consultations for select conditions, in order to remain accessible to patients across Bangalore.


  • Pharmacy
  • Electronic Patient Filing System
  • Free Basement Parking at Site
  • Free Wifi
  • 24X7 Security
  • CCTV security surveillance
  • Air-conditioning and Television
  • Books & Magazines
  • Kiddie Activities
  • 4 luxurious batrooms
  • Pantry
  • Umbrellas and Umbrella Stand
  • Disposable Booties
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