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Dr. Sunaina is a blessing in the field of dermatology. So accurate are her diagnosis followed by right medication. I have known her for the past 5 years, although I live abroad I still continue with Dr Sunaina as I couldn’t find a good dermatologist in Japan as excellent as Dr Sunaina; she immediately responds to my queries and solves - she is an expert. My family members also consult Dr Sunaina and all of us are extremely happy. She is well organised with her appointments, clinic is at par with Japanese standard of cleanliness. I admire her quick clear correct diagnosis and treatment . Also she finds the root causes and advises precautionary measures. Keep up the good work, Dr Sunaina. May your good work reach more people.


I have been doctor's patient since 2014 for various issues. I met her after consulting 2 or 3 other dermatologists in my area. From assessment/analysis to explanation and treatment, I have found her approach to be most logical and sensible. Her treatment works every time. Dr Sunaina has empathy and great deal of respect of her patients. I would definitely recommend her.

Anonymous on Request

Mam, you are the best skin specialist I have ever met. I blindly trust you. Thank you so much Dr Sunaina for making me more confident about myself and your treatment is simply worldclass. You wont believe that I am a big fan of yours. Till my stay in Bangalore, I will never stop consulting you .. :-)

Indu Roy

I liked everything! Great space. Quiet, stylish, very clean and comfortable. Doctor looks glamorous and is very knowledgeable too. Very smooth, professional and transparent experience from booking the appointment to payment. Fees is reasonable. It has been almost a month since I started the treatment and I love the beauty serum and the argan oil shampoo. I went through the blog and facebook page today. Mind-Blown! I especially love the articles and tips on diet and nutrition. My friends have already been asking about you, thanks to the brightness of my skin. I am sure you guys will rock! Keep up the good work :-)

Sushma Prabhakar

My experience with Dr Sunaina has been very satisfactory. She listens to you with patience and addresses every concern . My treatment with her has yielded me the results that I had not previously achieved. She gives online consultation which is the better part . Her blogs are very informative .

Pooja Panwar

EXTREMELY happy with the care I receive. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome and comfortable

Shreya Kasera

I have been consulting Dr. Sunaina for almost five years now and I have always been very happy with the way she takes care of my skin. She had always made me very comfortable and it is very easy to tell her about any dermalogical problems. The products she recommends are always within the budget and whatever she has adviced has always worked well. She is one of the best dermatologist Bangalore has and I wish her the best.

Stef Martin

Very professional, warm and highly qualified doctor. I strongly recommend her!

Shamina Azeez

Dr. Sunaina is a very observant and therefore effective dermatologist. I was able to get relief for a persistent problem, which refused to go away despite several other consultations. She is very professional and up-to date with the developments in her field, abundant proof of which are her research articles, reviews and seminar presentations. Obviously she enjoys her job, since she does it with the humane touch. May her kind flourish!

Puneet Arora

I want to write to say THANK YOU to you and to express my extreme respect and gratitude for the diagnosis of a skin condition for my 1 year old niece. She started developing these White Patches on her body from 3 months old and these kept growing on her skin. We visited a number of Dertmatologist in Delhi but no one gave a correct picture as to what this condition was. Dr Sunaina was excellent, I was so impressed with her. I felt like she truly listened to us, cared about the concerns we had for our niece and made us feel really comfortable. She was extremely professional, knowledgeable and very friendly. I also really appreciate that she took time with us - we never felt rushed at all. We are thrilled we found her!

Archana Krishnan

Dr.Sunaina I have been your patient for many years and you have always taken care of every problem that I have had. You have extraordinary skill, knowledge and talent. I have utmost confidence and respect in your professional decisions and after knowing you for many years, I know you as a kind, caring woman who is very much concerned with the well-being of your patients. I cant thank you enough for your truly professional approach and for being so kind to be available to attend to me as well as my family members. Its so great to have people like you in our lives. You were always available to answer questions and to accommodate my needs. I am so thankful for all you do and have done and continue to do! Having known Dr.Sunaina for over 5 years now, i would strongly recommend her to all my friends & family. As a busy IT professional and a longstanding patient of Dr. Sunaina Hameed, I sincerely appreciate the professionalism and high quality of Dermatological treatment/care which Dr. Sunaina provides. She is truly dedicated to her profession, very efficient, patient. Brilliant.

Nalina Kumari

Dr Sunaina has diagnosed and treated me and several of my family members and we are extremely happy with her treatment. She has always been available and very patient to answer to all my questions i bug her with. She is very talented as a doctor and her diagnosis is as accurate as an encyclopedia. Having known her for several years now, I would strongly recommend her to all my family members & friends to Dr.Sunaina. Thank You Dr.Sunaina for all that you have done and still do to help us look better and do better

Bibhuti Panda

Dr Sunaina - you are the best dermatologist I have ever seen in terms of interacting with your patients and giving the right medicine prescription to them I wanna say thank you to you and keep doing the good work .cheers

ns neeraj

Dr Sunaina is the best dermatologist i ever met. I recommend everyone to go to her for any skin related problem.

Prasad VV

I have consulted Dr Sunaina few times, however each time she was attentive and thoughtful. Her guidance gave me high level of reliability and a promising relief. The lucid explanation received on the issue reflects her professional skill

Kumar S

Your work is really appreciable and remarkable. Because you not only treat patients for their illness also educating them to know their problems and causes. This is not done by everyone in this profession. Thanks a lot for your good work and care for the people.

subodh taigor

I am consulting Dr. Sunaina for my infant son who is suffering from atopic dermatitis. She is very intelligent, gets to the problem very quickly. She has lot of patience. She understand that when parent like us come to her they are already very sad and concerned. There have been emergencies and she has helped us even after 10pm. You will find very few doctors like her who not only are very competent but have a caring heart too.

gupta shashank

I would like to write you a personal note of thanks - not just for treating my Rosacea... Needless to say, your treatment worked... After making several rounds of pointless visits to various Allopaths, Homeopaths and Naturopaths. But I would like to thank you for the role your treatment played in my overall emotional health and to restore my self confidence.

srinjini agrawal

I have consulted Dr. Sunaina for my acne issue. She has provided me with the best cure for it with very less hassles. The effects have been marvelous. The first and perhaps the best dermat I have come across. Thanks doctor for rebuilding my self-confidence. You are truly an inspiration.

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